Baby Clues

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When the lights switched back on, the prized bottle of milk collection was gone. The suspects are a bunch of incognito babies who try to sneak them out of the mansion. Can you expose your opponent's secret identity and hide yours? Retrieve five bottles of milk and win the game.

Baby Clues is a deduction game. Every turn you have to expose a little bit of your identity to plan your escape. Every player receives a secret identity as well as an object they hate. For example, the vampire baby doesn't like garlic, the robot baby doesn't like water, and the dirty baby hates soap. On your turn, you have to pick up objects, but you can never pick the object you hate. Choose your items wisely because every card you collect discloses valuable information about your secret identity.

During the game, you constantly have to try to find the balance between unmasking your opponents and picking up all the objects you need to escape. Both give you the opportunity to score points. If somebody tries to unmask you, but they make a mistake, you also score a bonus point, so a little bit of bluffing can also come in handy.

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Speelbaar vanaf 8+
Aantal spelers n.v.t.
Spelregels NL
Speelduur n.v.t.
Spel jaar 2015
Productsoort n.v.t.
Speltype n.v.t.
Taal n.v.t.
Spelgenre n.v.t.
Spelers 2, 3, 4
Uitgiftejaar n.v.t.
Spelduur € 30,00
EAN-code n.v.t.
Game Type Gebiedscontrole
EAN code 5411068634833
Manufacturer Overige uitgevers
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