Dixit: Odyssey

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Dixit Odyssey is een stand-alone expansieset voor het spel Dixit. Deze set bevat 84 nieuwe speelkaarten, een speelbord, nieuwe score tokens en speelmateriaal om Dixit met maximaal 12 spelers te kunnen spelen.

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    Dixit Odyssey

    Dive back into Dixit's wonder-filled universe ! 

    Dixit Odyssey, published by Libellud, is the second expansion for the famous Dixit, the game which has earned high praise from all over the world. With this new opus, let your imagination wander and set your sights on new and more amazing dreamscapes!

    Dixit Odyssey is offered as a stand-alone game, allowing it to be played independently from Dixit or Dixit 2.

    Dixit Odyssey will be playable from 3 to 12 players, aged 8 and up.

    This new Dixit brings along its fair share of new surprises – it offers 84 new cards bringing the player further into strange new worlds populated by mysterious inhabitants. To represent and illustrate this new universe, Pierre Lechevalier  (aka Piérô) has created the illustrations for the cards while Marie Cardouat (who illustrated both Dixit and Dixit 2) has taken care of these illustrations' colors.

    Moreover, Dixit Odyssey offers new game contents adapted to play Dixit with up to 12 players: a new foldable game board, voting pads and tokens – rabbits with increased stability.

    Dixit Odyssey introduces, for players who so desire, new rules to play Dixit with more than 6 players, in addition to the “classic” rules.

    Finally, Dixit Odyssey's box allows the owners of Dixit and Dixit 2 to store all of their cards for both games in a single game box.

    Rules available in French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian and Polish

    Meer informatie
    Merken Libellud
    Productsoort Kaartspel
    Spelgenre Familie, Humor, Partyspel
    Spelmechanisme Kaarten spelen, Stemmen
    Speelbaar vanaf 8+
    Aantal spelers 3-8
    Taal Nederlands, Engels, Duits, Frans
    Speelduur 15-30 minuten
    Uitgiftejaar 2011
    EAN-code 3558380031826
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