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Legendary™ is a deck-building game set in the Marvel Comics universe.

To set up the game, players choose a number of hero decks from the likes of Spider-man, Hulk, Cyclops, or Wolverine, to name a few. Shuffle them together (since players use only a handful of hero decks out of the fifteen included) allowing the hero deck to vary widely in terms of what's available. Players then choose a mastermind villain (Magneto, Loki, Dr. Doom, etc.) and stack that particular villain's attack cards underneath it. Next, modify the villain deck as needed based on that villain's particular scheme. Over the course of the game, players will recruit powerful hero cards to add to their deck in order to build a stronger and more resourceful deck. Players need to build both their recruitment powers (to enlist more heroes) and their fighting ability (to combat the villains who keep popping up to cause trouble). Players recruit heroes from an array of six cards, with empty slots refilled as needed. At the start of a player's turn, he reveals a villain and adds it to the row of villains. This row has a limited number of spaces, and if it fills up, the earliest villain to arrive escapes, possibly punishing the heroes in some way. Some villains also take an action when showing up for the first time, such as kidnapping an innocent bystander. The villain deck also contains "master strike" cards, and whenever one of these shows up, the mastermind villain (controlled by the game) takes a bonus action. As players fight and defeat villains, they collect those cards, which will be worth points at game's end. Players can also fight the mastermind; if a player has enough fighting power, he claims one of the attack cards beneath the mastermind, which has a particular effect on the game. If all of these cards are claimed, the game ends and players tally their points to see who wins. If the mastermind completes his scheme, however – having a certain number of villains escape, for example, or imposing a certain number of wounds on the heroes – then the players all lose. Do you have what it takes to defeat the villains? Or, will you let them escape? Play the all new Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building game to find what the cards have in store for you.

Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

Game Contents

Rulebook, game board and 500 cards (plus 60 dividers):

  • 14 cards for each of 15 different Heroes (210 cards) (Each Hero has 1 rare, 3 uncommons, 5 of one common, and 5 of another common)
    • Black Widow
    • Captain America
    • Cyclops
    • Deadpool
    • Emma Frost
    • Gambit
    • Hawkeye
    • Hulk
    • Iron Man
    • Nick Fury
    • Rogue
    • Spiderman
    • Storm
    • Thor
    • Wolverine
  • 40 S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents
  • 20 S.H.I.E.L.D. Troopers
  • 30 S.H.I.E.L.D. Officers
  • 4 Masterminds, each with 4 Mastermind Tactics (20 cards)
    • Dr. Doom
    • Loki
    • Magneto
    • Red Skull
  • 8 cards for each of 7 different Villain Groups (56 cards)
    • Brotherhood
    • Enemies of Asgard
    • Hydra
    • Masters of Evil
    • Radiation
    • Skrulls
    • Spider Foes
  • 10 cards for each of 4 different Henchmen Villain Groups (40 cards)
    • Doombot Legion
    • Hand Ninjas
    • Sentinels
    • Savage Land Mutants
  • 8 different Schemes
    • The Legacy Virus
    • Midtown Bank Robbery
    • Negative Zone Prison Breakout
    • Portals to the Dark Dimension
    • Replace Earth's Leaders with Killbots
    • Secret Invasion of the Skrull Shapeshifters
    • Super Hero Civil War
    • Unleash the Power of the Cosmic Cube
  • 11 Scheme Twists
  • 5 Master Strikes
  • 30 Bystanders
  • 30 Wounds
  • 60 Dividers

Meer informatie
Merken Upper Deck Entertainment
Productsoort Kaartspel
Spelgenre Comics, TV, Film, Serie
Spelmechanisme Cooperatief, Deck Building
Speelbaar vanaf 14+
Aantal spelers 1-5
Taal Engels
Speelduur 30-45 minuten
Uitgiftejaar 2012
EAN-code 0053334803663
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