Memoir '44: Pacific Theater

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From the jungles of Japanese-occupied Burma to the desolate slopes of long-forgotten atolls, discover this latest exciting expansion for Memoir '44! The Pacific Theater expansion introduces new units (Chindits, Japanese Giretsu Special Forces, US Marines), new weapons (Mobile Artillery, Flame throwing Tanks), new terrains and features (rope bridges, aircraft carriers, warships, caves...) and new figures (Japanese Infantry, Ha-Go Light Tanks and 75mm AA Guns), and more...

Revive some of the most ferocious battles of WWII like Iwo Jima or Okinawa! Use new rules, like the Japanese "Banzai!" war cry or the Marines' "Gung Ho" rally cry to win the battle!

The cardboard of the inner box will be of a thicker stock than previously released expansions. Reprints of these will also use this new, thicker stock.

While there won't be any summary cards in this expansion, we will release a full, updated summary deck covering both the core game and all its expansions in a future game release.

Richard Borg has really outdone himself again with this new expansion! 

requires Memoir'44 core game to play


  • 48 Japanese infantrymen
  • 12 Type 95 "Ha-Go" light tanks
  • 6 Type 98 75mm anti-aircraft guns
  • Night Attacks and and War Ships Data Sheets
  • 44 double-sided Terrain tiles
  • 10 round markers
  • 4 obstacles
  • 14 Special Unit badges
  • 8 Historical Scenarios
  • New Rules in English and French\

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Speelbaar vanaf 8+
Aantal spelers 2
Spelregels n.v.t.
Speelduur 30-45 minuten
Spel jaar n.v.t.
Productsoort Bordspel
Taal Engels
Spelgenre Hand Management, Wargames
Spelers n.v.t.
Uitgiftejaar 2006
Spelduur n.v.t.
EAN-code 0824968818749
Game Type n.v.t.
EAN code n.v.t.
Manufacturer Days of Wonder
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