Ticket to Ride: The Heart of Africa

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  • Map of the The Heart of Africa
  • Destination Tickets
  • new Terrain cards
  • Rules

NOT A STAND-ALONE GAME! Requires an original copy of Ticket to Ride® or Ticket to Ride® Europe to play.

Venture into the Heart of Africa to build routes through some of the continent's most remote and desolate locales. Will you bolster your terrain surveying skills and local knowledge to try and establish more valuable routes – or dare to dash across the continent in a mad race to cut the game short?

"All things considered, Heart of Africa is a great map. While in play, the game becomes extremely competitive, but for veteran players, that's exactly the sort of cutthroat advanced competition that keeps the game fresh."

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Merken Days of Wonder
Productsoort Bordspel
Spelgenre Treinen, Vervoer
Spelmechanisme Kaarten spelen, Netwerk bouwen, Sets verzamelen
Speelbaar vanaf 8+
Aantal spelers 2-5
Taal Nederlands, Engels, Duits
Speelduur 45-60 minuten
Uitgiftejaar 2012
EAN-code 0824968817742
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